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Feeling sick? Maybe it’s the food you’re eating!

Feeling sick? Maybe it’s the food you’re eating!

feeling sickYou most likely wouldn’t assume of your diet as extreme — it isn’t like you’re parachuting over a volcano every time you bite into a burger, right? However if you are chowing down on the everyday American food, typically known as the S.A.D (Standard American Diet), your diet definitely is extreme, within the manner it impacts your health. However, irrespective of how traditional the diet looks, there’s a big drawback.

We tend to get sick. Sometimes, deathly ill.

See, what we eat could be a huge component of health … you ever heard the phrase: You’re what you eat? It’s not literal, or else we’d be pizza and beer… however it is true. Your body is made from what you eat. If you eat like crap, you’ll feel like crap and probably not look much better. But if you eat right, you’ll feel right. Primarily, if you eat well, you will be well. We shouldn’t have to necessarily eat like athletes, however we do want to look better, feel better, and perform better. In order to garner those results, we need to consume healthier foods.

Although our common diet is titled for the common America way, it’s really spreading to different countries, and may in the very near future need a more appropriate name. Western influence, notably from the USA, has spread like a disease through cultures across the world, and since American culture deals a lot with food, other cultures are adopting the same unhealthy views. As a result of this mass diffusion of culture, once-healthy places are turning into mirrors of the malaise that plagues our manner.

Put it this way, as other cultures continue to adopt the Standard American Diet, the more sick they are becoming.

Let’s hear from Dr. John McFougall, author of The McDougall Plan. When he began to practice medicine in Hawaii, he noticed one thing crucial. The first and second generation Asian Americans were healthy. They were slim, physically fit, and rarely experiencing typical American diseases. Then, the American eating habits took hold. The third and fourth generations grew sick — very sick. Chronic health issues, like heart disease, diabetes, and obesity began to increase. This turn of events brought down the overall health of the island. And that’s terrible (in my Charles Barkley voice).

What specifically is that the S.A.D. diet?

Here’s an inventory of indicators for the Standard American Diet:

* High levels of animal fats

* High levels of unhealthy fats, like the hydrogenated kind

* Low amounts of fiber

* Lots of processed foods and refined flours

* Lots refined sugars

* Low amounts of advanced carbs and whole grains

* Low amounts of plant-primarily based foods

Those are the building blocks of the S.A.D.; the foods they comprise are commonplace (and admittedly, super tasty). For example, set your mind to cereals, pastas, meat, fast food, desserts (like cakes and cookies), fried foods, and dairy foods (like ice cream). Food making you sickThese are standards — for some, even staples!  They are standards as a result of the fact that they are accepted as the norm, as what practically everyone eats. Try bringing a lunch to work that is really healthy and good for you; then wait for the expected ridicule.


So, what are the consequences of the everyday American diet?

Here’s a list of common diseases effecting the American populace: heart diseases, diabetes, cancer, obesity, high blood pressure, headaches, lethargy, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, Alzheimer’s, dementia… The list reads just like the side effects listed at the end of a commercial for some new medication. No, wait. They really are. They’re the side effects of the commonly prescribed foods of selection in our America culture. Ugh!

Now, most people attribute that list to traditional aging. That is, the older you get, the worse you are feeling, the sicker you get, the less time you’ll be able to pay dancing within the dark to Katy Perry. It’s merely a part of life, thus you ought to simply settle for it and take another bite of your Cinnabon. Perhaps you have given that very same recommendation to a friend who’s feeling the identical way, feeling those same symptoms. Perhaps you hadn’t realized that this stuff really isn’t just a part of life.

And perhaps you did not notice that there’s typically a cure, a preventative treatment, one more appropriate than resignation, for these common issues. But there is good news for individuals like you. There is a brand new treatment out there, and it’s called detoxing.

What is Detoxing?

We have had a tendency to feed our bodies some pretty horrible things over the years. For the foremost part, we can suck the nutrients out of something we have a tendency to eat; we’ve been created, engineered so to speak for survival and effectiveness. The drawback is that alongside those nutrients is a ton of toxic material we’ve never ever needed; so in order to feel better we need to clean out those toxins.

Imagine a lake; perhaps one in the Butler Chain of Lakes. Let’s call him Chase. For years, individuals are dumping junk and trash into Chase. The occasional emptied beer was okay, because when you consider the entire lake, the single can was negligible. However lately, toxic waterthere are mass dumpings. Sofas. Tires. Rusty cars. Nuclear waste. These things add up. In Chases’ case, no one can even go for a little swim anymore without going blind. How horrible(again in my Charles Barkley voice).

Therefore, it’s important to repair all of the injury done over the years. Our body is something like Lake Chase. The occasional bag of chips here and there is alright. You may also have a nice, thick, drenched in sugar and saturated with fat Cinnabon. That is okay. But once you eat these unhealthy foods frequently, day after day, you’re putting unneeded stress on your system. You’re forcing your body to swallow it down and fight off the inevitable inflammation.

It’s not just the chips… It’s eating out each night, or drowning your sorrows in a tub of ice cream while watching Oprah or the Real Housewives. It’s going out with friends and letting one beer turn into seven, eight, fourteen before you stumble home and wake up the next morning feeling horrible, wondering what you have become. It isn’t having the time to cook one night, so you hit up McDonalds on your ride home and grab something real quick. But it’s not simply the one night. It’s every night. And as you notice a little shortness of breath after climbing those stairs, or that you are not fitting into your favorite jeans, or the hour after that delicious Cinnabon is unusually unbearable, you chalk it up to getting old.

Nope. You’ve simply accumulated so much junk over time that, like Lake Chase, you can use a bit of a cleanup. A detox.

Through detoxification, we will repair the harm we’ve done to our bodies; lighten the toxic load we tend to experience each day. After all, it is not simply the foods we have a tendency to eat. We breathe in toxins through air pollution, and we have a tendency to rub them into our skin through harsh chemicals in our personal hygiene products. They’re essentially unavoidable short of “getting off the grid” and moving faraway from civilization.

However, we can certainly offset the toxic load and reach some type of balance. This is completed naturally, without the necessity of medications which would stress us even more.

Exercise Your Faith & Take Action!


Jimmie Gonzalez Jr., TFCF Facility Director

P.S. If you’d like to learn more about detoxing and elimination dieting for health check out our 21-Day Detox Challenge.  You could win a Whole Foods Gift Card!